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...rossey day...

ok..all this while, i've been posting about my customized item..
now is the time for new item to be

this is not a white stone, or clear colour stone,
but it's a rose quartz stone with 3 red stone dangling on it...
this rose quartz is light pink colour
it looks lovely
eventhough it's just a
simple pendant design with plated silver wire...

from this view
we can see that the stone actually
have some shape on it's body that makes it shines beautifully
when the sun hit it...

a good things about this rose quartz is that,
it can easily match with any of your clothes.

but, before i forget..
this was SOLD!!! to Pn. Norlia in
KDE bazaar...

p/s: need to remind u guys, this is not customize item..
if you were interested,
i can make it for u,,,

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