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Blue Eyes Bangle

Code no: 018
Materials: Swarovski crystal , Aw gunmetal and brass plated wire.
Price: Rm80

Turquoise Bangle

Code No: 017
Materials: Green turquoise stone Aw gunmetal plated wire and swarovski crystal.
Price: Rm75

Blink blink Cuff Bracelet

SOLD to Pn Lin!!
Code no: 016
Materials: swarovski crystal, silver balls and Aw silver plated.

Blink Bracelet and Teardrop earing


Teardrop earing

Code No: 015
Materials: Swarovski crystal, silver balls, Aw silver plated wire.
Price: Rm 40

Silver Butterfly

Code no: 014
Materials: Aw silver plated and blue glasss beads

Antique Pink Necklace


Code: 013

Materials: Aw gunmetal and brass plated wire, vintage pink swarovski crystal

Lucky Onyx

Code: 012

Materials: Black Onyx gemstones, Aw silver and Brass plated wire.

Spiral Necklace

Code no: 011

Materials: Aw copper and Brass plated wire.
Price: Rm 80

Blue Lazuli Necklace

Code no: 010
Materials: Lapis lazuli gemstone, silver plated ball and seed beads.
Lenght: 79cm
Price Rm160

Double Spiral Charm

Code: 009
Materials: Aw copper and brass plated.
Price: Rm 40

Blue Lazuli Bracelet

Code no: 008

Materials: Lapis lazuli gemstone, facenated azurite gemstone, flower beeds and seed beeds.
Legth: 17cm

Price: Rm 80

Dragonfliez Neckalce

Code: 007
Material: AW Black plated wire, swarovski crystals, seed beads and silver balls.
Lenght: 75cm

Fallen Leaf Necklace

Code no: 006

Material: AW Bare copper plated wire 18 gauge, AW brown plated wire 18 gauge, AW copper wire 20 gauge, pink bicone crystal and rose swarovski crystal .
Length: 60cm

Smokey Eye


Code no: 005

Material: AW copper wire 18 gauge, Smokey Eye gemstones, and Blue swarovski crystal.
Lenght: 72cm

Antique Bcracelet

Code no:004
Materials: AW gunmetal plated wire and pink swarovski crystal.
Lenght: 17cm
Price: Rm 70

Rhodonite charm

Code no:003
Materials: Aw brass plated wire, Aw brown plated wire, Aw copper wire, Rhodonite gemstones and swarovski crystal.
Lenght: 19cm

Honey bee earing


Code no:002
Materials: Aw copper wire and Red Agate gemstones.
Price: Rm35

Honey bee bracelet -Sold

Code no: 001
Materials: Aw copper wire and Red Agate gemstones.
Lenght: 18cm


Wire that I used in making my jewelry are available in many thicknesses ( gauges starting at .3mm ), types and colors ( silver, brass, brown and etc). Colored wire are usually coatingcopper based with enamel coatings, which means that they must not be hammered or over-manipulated as this might cause the surface color to be removed.

Tiger tail also a strong wire that your can't tear apart, consising of twisted wire covered with plastic. It comes in many colors and gauges.

Semi precious stones that I used has various shapes, sizes and colors. They comes from all over places.

Glass beads range from completely transparent to almost apaque. They can be expensive, particulary if they are made from hand-blow glass, so it perhaps best be use them as "focal" beads for maximum impact.
Seed beads are usually use as "stopper" because they are tiny.


In use, jewelry occasionally needs to be cleaned or freshened up. If the piece has freshwater pearls, a soft brass-bristled brush can be used on the metal only, but never on the pearls.Polishing is the process of removing tarnish and increasing shine. Most jewelry made from unplated and uncoated wire can be polished using a jewelry polish cloth. You can purchase these cloths through jewelry supply companies or jewelry store. Typically, one side or portion of the polishing cloth is embedded with a special polishes the jewelry's surface. Another way to remove tarnish is to use a specially formulated tarnish-removing chemical for wire material that you like to polish. For example, cream and foam cleaners are available for sterling silver, copper and brass. You can also remove tarnish from copper ( and sometimes silver ) by dipping the jewelry into lemon juice or white vinegar, or rubbing with a lemon wedge or ketchup.



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Briefly share to all of you, "brynara" name is taken from my 2 dearest princesses ; Sabrina and Maisarah. All unique creation are 100% created by myself. Starting from hobby with related books as reference and later become my personal-business together full support from my lovely husband. I'm using mostly high-quality materials which are an artistic wires, various gemstones, glass beads and swarovski crystals that gave bombastic effects on each creations. Come from various pattern with cheerful colours suitable for all ages to be wear in any events.
Let's join me by spending your time share new outlooks in this century by searching throughout my blog at brynarajuwel.blogspot.com. Any feedback and comments please do not hesitate to revert to me via my blog.

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