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Customised order - Pn Liza

Bracelet for Pn Liza...Purple lace Agate wrapping non-tarnish silver plated wire.

Customised order - Pn. ZRII

Neckalce and Bracelet...Natural coral and wrapping with non-tarnish gunmetal wire.

Customised order - Pn Azfa

Earing to go with the bracelet..
Bracelet made from Ruby Lace Agate, wrapping with non-tarnish brass and gunmetal plated wire.

Customised order - Cik Norbaya

Simple and beautiful Pendant for Pn Norbaya..
She loves it...
Cherry Quartz Pendant together with Lace Agate as a chain wrapping with non tarnish brass plated wire.

Customised order - Pn Izaty

Pn. Izaty, ordered a set of rose quartz wrapping with emas suasa ( 14 k gold)
This is her bracelet....necklace, earing and ring in progress....opps!! I'm out of the suasa.


Customised order - Pn MJ

Picture Jasper Pendant....ordered from Mdm MJ
A Unique stone..
Picture Jasper..
wrapping withtwo colors of wire..non tarnish Black and Silver
plated wire.

Price: Rm 120
Dyed Red Coral and non tarnish silver plated wire.

Price: Rm 180
Necklace..Cherry Quartz with non tarnish Brass plated wire.
Price: Rm 200

n Bracelet

Price: Rm 110

Dyed Red Coral with non tarnish silver plated wire.
Pendant and Choker..
Price: Rm 120

Customised order - Pn Asmidarwaty

This are set of tourmalines ordered from my regular customer.
Tourmalines with non tarnish brass plated wire.