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Sumur Kasih Bangle com Choker (reserved)

This new collection is a unique and chunky design for a choker cum bangle, meaning
you can wear it as a choker or bangle. Its suit for any occasion.

Code No:052

Materials: Green Turquiose stones and Non-tarnish Brass plated wire.
Price: Rm170

Simply White Pearl (reserved}

Code No:051

Materials: Fresh Water Pearls and Non-tarnish brass plated wire
Price: Rm150

Customized Order

Hematite Stones with Non-tarnish Brass plated wire.
My another regular customer, Pn MJ.
She ordered a Onyx bracelet and sent
me her photo wearing the set I've
made...earing and necklace.

This necklace is so beautiful with the
Onyx and Cherry Quarzt in yellow
color stones, makes it looks stunning.
Sold to Pn. Hasni at KDE boooth.
Pn. Hasni, my ex-boss wifes'(MAS).

Align Right
Another customized order from
Pn Intan for Hari Raya. Those are
Cherry Quarzt stones , Rose Quarzt
wired with brass plated.
This pendant is unique becoz the stone that I choose to make is already design
like flowerfetal and handcrafted on the stone.

This Ruby Lace Agate Ring are
ordered from my regular customer
Ms Yuslinda to match with her
bracelet that she bought from
me before.

oh!! it's a red corals again!!!

we come back to new customized item...

this new ring is made from red corals again

n with silver plated wire...

it's only designed with flower,

n uniquely,

it's quite long actually,

it makes ur finger looks much2 more longer that it is.

p/s: it does looks stunning on her hand right?

neighbour in KDE

my next item sold out is the Enchanted Ring n Enchanted Earing of red corals...

this is the picture of the
Enchanted Ring that i had post before,

n this is
..the earing..

so, u might be thinking
what r the relationship between
my neighbour n this?

actually, this two red corals
was bought by Pn. Dieba my neighbour in KDE bazaar...

she really love the stone,
n the colour suit her n her Baju Raya...
great choice isn't it...

y does every1 really likes red corals???

!!!*welcome to our new design*!!!

a collection of pendant..
actually, there's only 2 pendant,
1 is the lace agate,
n the other 1 is tiger eyes

the unique thing about this
lace agate stone
is the stone have a spot on it,
just like the leopard,
it looks cute...

this is the tiger eyes pendant,
for those who love this stone,
u might love this pendant
when u look at it,

there's a 3 dangling stone there ,
it's also a tiger eyes

p/s: lets compare the tiger eyes...



pink, green, pink, green,pink
what a cheerfull colour...
i was supposed to post this tourmaline bracelet as new item,
last night some1 bought that bracelet already,
thank god i've taken a picture of it...

this is the 2nd tourmaline bracelet i've made,
because there's a lot of request for tourmaline stone,
i made another bracelet from the stone,

tourmaline stone really have a beautiful design on it,
...that's y we rarely found a cheap tourmaline stone...

:::customized again:::

why do i need to post about customized item??
it's simply because,
1st -->>i want every1 have an idea how was my design looks like,
2nd-->>every1 knows that they can have their own design to be made
3rd-->>to show my creativity , maybe? :P

i'll stop mumbling,

this is another customized item,
specially made for Pn. Fieda,
she wants a turquiose set of juwelery,
(necklace, ring, n bracelet),
i design this green turquiose for her

but, that is not the only thing that she ordered..
there's another necklace for her,
a lace agate necklace..
wif flowery design..

~!~!new new new newly item...!~!~

this is another new item i would like to introduce to u,
this is a red coral neclace
design with s-shape gold plated wire...

mixing red n gold build a prosperity looks,
:::u might love this unique necklace:::

p/s: thinking of mcD prosperity burger.. not in season"":(

...rossey day...

ok..all this while, i've been posting about my customized item..
now is the time for new item to be

this is not a white stone, or clear colour stone,
but it's a rose quartz stone with 3 red stone dangling on it...
this rose quartz is light pink colour
it looks lovely
eventhough it's just a
simple pendant design with plated silver wire...

from this view
we can see that the stone actually
have some shape on it's body that makes it shines beautifully
when the sun hit it...

a good things about this rose quartz is that,
it can easily match with any of your clothes.

but, before i forget..
this was SOLD!!! to Pn. Norlia in
KDE bazaar...

p/s: need to remind u guys, this is not customize item..
if you were interested,
i can make it for u,,,

lovely mummy

i'll show the picture 1st,
then the story

the green tourmaline ring

take a closer loook at the stone
it's really a pretty stone

side view of the stone

see how it shines at night...
it's it lovely...

...this precious ring is the 1 i'm about to give to my mother in law...
,,,,hopefully she'll love it,,,,,

p/s: i love it so much

turquoise brooch

green turquiose brooch

this is my 3rd time making a brooch...

this is a request from Tanty...
she would love it if i can make a brooch for her
from green turquiose stone...

come, let's take a closer look at the stone,...

this brooch only used 2 materials
which is the stone n gold plated wire...

~!~!feedback from cutomers~!~!

for every single
businessman, businesswoman, salesman,salesgirls
or anyone who sells things or doing a business,
a feedback from customer is the most important thing.
it's becoz, if a businessman got a good response from his customers,
people will keep talking about him n they will keep doing business with him...

n as for me,
doing a handmade juwelery needs a lot of response from customers...
n i would love to receive any feedback from them,

when we're talking about response from customers,
i just got a picture from mdm B,
i think mdm B really love red colour
that's y she asked me to make a full set
of red corals stone (necklace,bracelet,earing n ring)
as u can see in the picture,
n the stone really looks nice on her

p/s: i think she forgot to wear her red coral earing at that time.. :)

:::it's a rainbow again:::

-> it's a rainbow again...
-> but this time,
-> it's not a tourmaline..
-> it's an obsidian stone which have
-> rainbow colour n design on top of it
-> this obsidian pendant wif silver plated choker
-> was requested by mdm MG

~!~!rainbow colourful rainbow~!~!

...does it look likes a rainbow to u?...
...of course it's not..
...it's just ccoooollloouuurrrfffuuullll an cheerish as the rainbow...

this is also another customized order
which is for Datin? -------
the stone its the tourmaline with mix colour,
pink, green n yellow

p/s: well, lets just keep it a secret bcoz it's a gift from some1

...amethyse ///\\\ purple...Sold!

...this is also customize design from 1 of my customer...

...it's a unique design, but it's not originally mine..

...i was ask by Nita, my customer to do the same design for her...

materials : purple amethyse n swarovsky crystal wif plated silver

..MJ not equals to Michael Jackson...

MJ is 1 of my customers which ask me to do a customize design for her..
these are the pictures for all of her request..

...1st of all, this is her red coral pendant with gold plated wire
she really love the design...

...n this one is red coral ring also a request from her...
...the materials is the same for the ring n the pendant above...

...the 3rd 1 is different a bit,
it's not red coral yet it's a hematite stone,
which I redesign for her..
some more it also a give to her mom...

p/s: it's a customize order, therefor all the juwel design depends on the owner itself n what they ask for...