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Hi my friends, customers and fans who likes my creations, thank you for your support and comments.......I will try to update my blog and also label all the items with range of prices for your convenience.
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To all my friends here, i would like to inform you that my ready stock items for sale are sold out, at the moment I'm quite busy doing for customer order....sorry for the inconvenience..

make to order are welcome, just email at brinara@ymail.com

will update the new design asap...

thank you for your support!

This is Yellow Jade stones Bangle Sets For Ms F.....SOLD!

This is Yellow Jade stones, wrapping with non tarnish Brass Plated wire....custom-made for Ms F to match with her necklace she bought last month...

Personal Collections....

My new collections of brooch...WILD ORCHID, i name for this brooch, using a lots of semi precious stones such as Garnet, Moonstones, Red Coral, Turquoise, Peridots, and Swarovski Crystals....wrapping with silver plated wire..