Intricate and Unique Designs, Individual and Personalized Designs are Entertained.
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Customised order - Pn Liza

Bracelet for Pn Liza...Purple lace Agate wrapping non-tarnish silver plated wire.

Customised order - Pn. ZRII

Neckalce and Bracelet...Natural coral and wrapping with non-tarnish gunmetal wire.

Customised order - Pn Azfa

Earing to go with the bracelet..
Bracelet made from Ruby Lace Agate, wrapping with non-tarnish brass and gunmetal plated wire.

Customised order - Cik Norbaya

Simple and beautiful Pendant for Pn Norbaya..
She loves it...
Cherry Quartz Pendant together with Lace Agate as a chain wrapping with non tarnish brass plated wire.

Customised order - Pn Izaty

Pn. Izaty, ordered a set of rose quartz wrapping with emas suasa ( 14 k gold)
This is her bracelet....necklace, earing and ring in progress....opps!! I'm out of the suasa.


Customised order - Pn MJ

Picture Jasper Pendant....ordered from Mdm MJ
A Unique stone..
Picture Jasper..
wrapping withtwo colors of wire..non tarnish Black and Silver
plated wire.

Price: Rm 120
Dyed Red Coral and non tarnish silver plated wire.

Price: Rm 180
Necklace..Cherry Quartz with non tarnish Brass plated wire.
Price: Rm 200

n Bracelet

Price: Rm 110

Dyed Red Coral with non tarnish silver plated wire.
Pendant and Choker..
Price: Rm 120

Customised order - Pn Asmidarwaty

This are set of tourmalines ordered from my regular customer.
Tourmalines with non tarnish brass plated wire.



Customised order - Ms Ong

Ring for Ms Ong.

Just simple ring , modern and chunky design. I used two wires, non tarnish gun metal and silver plated.

Ring For Mdm Ann

Chunky and trendy design..
Turquoise gemstone and non tarnish copper wire.

The Lady who ordered this ring loves chunky and big design,so I designed for her this ring and she love it so much. Glad you like it mad Ann...

Black N White Rose Bracelet For Mr DRaplh