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Customised order - Ms Ong

Ring for Ms Ong.

Just simple ring , modern and chunky design. I used two wires, non tarnish gun metal and silver plated.

Ring For Mdm Ann

Chunky and trendy design..
Turquoise gemstone and non tarnish copper wire.

The Lady who ordered this ring loves chunky and big design,so I designed for her this ring and she love it so much. Glad you like it mad Ann...

Black N White Rose Bracelet For Mr DRaplh

Customised order - Pn Norlela

Ring for Pn Norlela, dark color tourmaline stones, wrapping with
suasa wire ( rose gold) and balls. She also ordered a tourmaline bracelet but I did not have the picture.

Customised order - Mdm Bernie

Swarovski Earing...
Unique and feminine design, this time I only used a teardrop swarovski crystal, wrapping
with non tarnish black and silver plated artistic wire. Order from my regular customer who appreciate a lot my creation.
Beautiful and stunning......Swarovski Pendant

Customised order - Mdm Sonia

Gunung berapi, one of my friend call this stone...no actually this is cherry quarzt gem stone.
Pretty design and its ordered from my customer her daughters god mother.
Unique and classy design! She loves so much..

Customised order - Ms Zira

Black and silver plated non tarnish artistic wire requested from young sweet girl
together with the obsidian rainbow gemstones. Very modern design.

Customised order - Mdm Susie

This earings ordered from my regular customer too, she loves simple
This is yellow jade gemstones..wired with non tarnish brass plated.
Aventurine gemstones with non tarnish brass plated wire.

Crazy Ruby Lace Agate, they call the stones. Modern design, using non tarnish silver and brass plated wire.

Turquoise gemstones with non tarnish silver plated.

Customised order - Pn Ema

Tourmaline ring..
Wired with non tarnish brass plated.

This is a yellow jade semi precious stones with brass plated non tarnish artistic wire
and swarovski crystal.

Customised order

Very sweet anklet for young girl that ordered from me, I forgot her name.
She love the rose quarzt and the pink plated non artistic wire.

Customised order - MJ

Redesign pendant for my regular customer Mdm MJ. Wrapping with silver and
black plated non tarnish artistic wire.
Chunky look..

Customised order - Datin Hanita

Datin Hanita added garnet semi precious stone for her tourmaline bracelet. Its looks beautiful on her.

Customised order - Mdm Azfa

Customed made tourmaline bracelet for Mdm Azfa.

Tourmaline necklace with brass plated non tarnish artistic wire.

Customised order - Mdm Shima

This necklace customed made for Pn Shima. Its a simple long necklace, flowery design with agate gemstones and using a copper non tarnish artistic wire.