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"_"...KDE bAzaaR..."_"

Since 3rd Ramadhan,
BrynaraJuwel have open a booth in
KDE (Kelab Darul Ehsan) in Ampang...

we've been here almost 10 days,
n it's quite impressive actually,
there's a lot of people coming here for breaking fast,

but this time,
we don't just sell handmade juwelery only,
but we do sell homemade cookies (cornflakes cookies)
which is made by my cousin,
and some handmade bags too...

...me with my cousin...

...busy working n handling the bazaar...

...the owner of the homemade cookies...

this few weeks I was quite busy handling the bazaar
doing some new customize order,
girls, guys, Mr, Mrs, ladies n gentlemans out there,
if u r interested in my juwelery,
come to Kelab Darul Ehsan and meet us here...

c ya...!!!!!

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