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My two girls...Nur Maisarah ( 8yr) & Nur Sabrina ( 4yr)....who always keep me busy and cherish me when I'm down...

Sabrinas' birthday today, we celebrate at Chilis, her favourite dishes is spaghetti..
Today she turned to 4 and look at her so sweet ...but mischievous look...yeh..

Beautiful Flowers in My Garden....

This evening I walk around my garden, and i saw these beautiful roses blooming. Its makes me happy becoz such a long time I didn't really spend my time with my garden. I'm quite buzy with my jewelry and my kids..

Customized Order For Mdm Asmidar

...design by salina

Turquoise ring wrapping with brass plated wire..unique

Simple Brooch but this time I make bigger size... 2 in x 2in.

...design by salina
Materials: Black swarovski pearls, copper and silver plated wire.

My new design of brooch...size 1 1/2 x 1 inches..

Materials: Swarovski pearls, copper and non tarnish silver plated wire.
Design by salina ( brinara)
earing..matching with the lovely orchid necklace..

..design by salina

Materials: swzrovski crystal and non tarnish silver plated , copper wire.
..design by salina

Again I used a chain maille to make an earing and bracelet. Look simple and sweet...

Materials: Swarovski crystal, glass square beads and non tarnish silver wire.

An exclusive and unique design... this necklace takes my times a lot but its so gorgeous. Again I used chain maile as the chain and another method is weaving. The side of petals..hem...I only know in malay," jahit insang pari" or maybe i can say it crochet method.. he he he...

chain maile.....cleopatra..

Materials: Lapis lazuli, swarovski crystal and blue beads..wrapping with non tarnish silver plated and copper wire.
Original design by salina

Exclusive design....I called Peacock Necklace

Materials: Swarovski pearls and crystal, wrapping with non tarnish brass plated.
Design by salina

RING...hmm.....this is my own collection.

Material: Turquoise and setting with copper wire , weaving with non tarnish silver plated.
Design by salina

BROOCH... design by salina

Materials: Amethyst and swarovski crystals ( center ), wrapping with non tarnish brass plated.

Materials: Yellow jade gemstone ( center), swarovski pearls and crystals wrapping with non tarnish brass plated.
Design by salina

This is my own collections...amethyst and non tarnish silver plated.
Amethyst is my birthstones.

Another method of chain maile, this is silver inca chain, more complex and yet its nice to wear for casual and everyday use.

Material: Non tarnish silver plated.

Byzantine bracelet

This is chain maile design, they called byzantine bracelet. I learned from the book..need a lot of
concentration and times..but its a goods experience,

Materials: Non tarnish silver plated and colored turquoise.

A set of red coral wrapping with copper wire.


materials: Red Coral, clear quartz gemstones and non tarnish copper wire

A set of earing and bracelet of pearls redesigned for Ms Aster.

Sold to Pn Ross.

Materials: Rainbow Obsidian gemstones and non- tarnish silver plated wire.

This piece sold to Maggie, together with apair of earing. I used two color of wire and twisted them. The stones are ruby lace agate...

Materials: Ruby Lace Agate and non-Artistic wire ( silver n brass plated).

To my viewers,

Wow...its been along time I did not update my blog... but you can always email me if you want to see my others collections. I will reply a.s.a.p