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~!~!feedback from cutomers~!~!

for every single
businessman, businesswoman, salesman,salesgirls
or anyone who sells things or doing a business,
a feedback from customer is the most important thing.
it's becoz, if a businessman got a good response from his customers,
people will keep talking about him n they will keep doing business with him...

n as for me,
doing a handmade juwelery needs a lot of response from customers...
n i would love to receive any feedback from them,

when we're talking about response from customers,
i just got a picture from mdm B,
i think mdm B really love red colour
that's y she asked me to make a full set
of red corals stone (necklace,bracelet,earing n ring)
as u can see in the picture,
n the stone really looks nice on her

p/s: i think she forgot to wear her red coral earing at that time.. :)

1 comment:

riqzmiecreation said...

gembira tul customer ni dapat set jewelry dia..pasti dia puas hati betul ni..teruskan berkarya yer kak