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Wire that I used in making my jewelry are available in many thicknesses ( gauges starting at .3mm ), types and colors ( silver, brass, brown and etc). Colored wire are usually coatingcopper based with enamel coatings, which means that they must not be hammered or over-manipulated as this might cause the surface color to be removed.

Tiger tail also a strong wire that your can't tear apart, consising of twisted wire covered with plastic. It comes in many colors and gauges.

Semi precious stones that I used has various shapes, sizes and colors. They comes from all over places.

Glass beads range from completely transparent to almost apaque. They can be expensive, particulary if they are made from hand-blow glass, so it perhaps best be use them as "focal" beads for maximum impact.
Seed beads are usually use as "stopper" because they are tiny.

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