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In use, jewelry occasionally needs to be cleaned or freshened up. If the piece has freshwater pearls, a soft brass-bristled brush can be used on the metal only, but never on the pearls.Polishing is the process of removing tarnish and increasing shine. Most jewelry made from unplated and uncoated wire can be polished using a jewelry polish cloth. You can purchase these cloths through jewelry supply companies or jewelry store. Typically, one side or portion of the polishing cloth is embedded with a special polishes the jewelry's surface. Another way to remove tarnish is to use a specially formulated tarnish-removing chemical for wire material that you like to polish. For example, cream and foam cleaners are available for sterling silver, copper and brass. You can also remove tarnish from copper ( and sometimes silver ) by dipping the jewelry into lemon juice or white vinegar, or rubbing with a lemon wedge or ketchup.

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